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Timeless Isle Info

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  • Questing. There are a few quest lines that take place on the island, including the last part of the Mists of Pandaria legendary quest line. There are also two daily and two weekly quests, and a cooking quest line that rewards you with the recipe for crafting a raid cauldron that provides +300 food to everyone in the raid.
  • Raiding. The five outdoor bosses of Patch 5.4 are located on the island. They are all part of the Mists of Pandaria legendary quest line. Chi-Ji, Niuzao, Xuen, and Yu'lon can be attempted by anyone grouping up with a player on the proper stage of the legendary quest line. Ordos can only be accessed by players who already obtained their legendary cloak. More details about this in our raid guides and our Breath of the Black Prince guide.
  • Pet Battles. The island houses a pet battle tournament called the Celestial Tournament that you can complete once a week.
  • Shaohao Reputation. Emperor Shaohao is a faction that you can earn reputation with by killing specific mobs on the island.
  • Rare Elites. There are 31 rare elite mobs to kill on the island.
  • Chests and Treasures. You will find many different types of chests and treasures on the island. They all contain loot or coins you can use to buy rewards.
  • PvP and PvA. In addition to regular PvP, the island features a PvA system (Player versus All), in which you can fight against any player flagged for PvP, even members of your own party.

You can discover mosts of the secrets of the island and complete most of the achievements on your first day, if you wish to do so. However, there are quests and events that will take a few weeks to complete. For example, the lore quest line requires you to complete a weekly quest several times and the Celestial Tournament will have to be won several times to buy all the rewards it has to offer.
1.1. Accessing the Island
The island can be accessed by flying from the Jade Forest. Note that flying mounts do not work on the island, so you will be dismounted as you approach. While doing the introductory quest line for the island, you will be able to teleport there using the Curious Bronze Timepiece that you will have been given.

As you can see in the map above, most of the island can be accessed without any difficulty. We highlighted 3 areas that will require you to perform something special, in order to reach them.

  • Blue. As you can see on the map, the bridge leading to the Ordon Sanctuary is broken. As a result, you will need to resort to other means to enter this area.

    • You can use the Gleaming Crane Statue, which is located on the rocky pillar that joins the bridge leaving from the Blazing Way to the broken bridge. Using the statue will catapult you in the air and you will be able to control your descent. This statue is normally meant to be used to access a chest for one of the achievement, but you can reach the Ordon Sanctuary if you aim your descent towards it.
    • From the very end of the broken bridge, it is possible to slow fall to a patch of grass, which is located slightly to the left of the remaining part of the bridge on the Ordon Sanctuary side. You need to mount and jump towards the patch of grass. Immediately after you jump, cast Slow Fall on yourself (or use any similar effect; the Golden Glider sold by Ku-Mo around the Celestial Court works well) or have it cast on you.
    • The island features a number of Highwind Albatrosses that fly at varying altitudes. When one of them gets close to the ground (that usually happen around the Celestial Court), attacking it will cause it to capture you and fly you around the island, following a predefined path. When you want the Albatross to drop you, attack it again and it will stop moving. Kill it and it will release you.
    • If you swim far enough from the island, you will reach the Time-Lost Waters. There, you can use your flying mount. So, go north of the island and mount up. Once mounted, go as far up as you can and then fly towards the Ordon Sanctuary. Eventually, you will dismount, which is when you should use a Slow Fall effect on you, in order to reach your objective. Note that this trick can work to reach any other high place on the island.

  • Yellow. The Red Lake can only be accessed using an Albatross or the flying mount trick. We described both ways above.
  • Red. The central part of the Ordon Sanctuary can only be accessed by players who have completed the Mists of Pandaria legendary quest line and obtained the legendary cloak. Players without the cloak will simply be ported back to the Celestial Court, in the center of the island, when they try to enter the sanctuary.

1.2. Faction
The only faction on the island is Emperor Shaohao and the only way to farm reputation with him is to kill Ordon mobs.
1.3. Currencies
There are 3 currencies that you can use on the island: Timeless Coins, Celestial Coins, and Bloody Coins.
Timeless Coins are the primary currency on the Timeless Isle. Every mob, quest, chest, and object on the island will grant you some. There is no limitation to how many coins you can earn in a single day or a single week, so you can farm them to your heart's content. Timeless Coins can be used to buy rewards (see next section).
Celestial Coins are related to the Celestial Tournament, a weekly pet-battle scenario you can do on the island that rewards you with 1 Celestial Coin. These coins can be used to buy pet-battle related rewards.
Bloody Coins are obtained by doing PvP and PvA on the island. Each time you kill another player, you will be awarded 1 Bloody Coin. After collecting enough coins, you will be able to buy rewards from Speaker Gulan.
1.4. Rewards
The Timeless Isle offers numerous rewards that we will try to list exhaustively here.
1.4.1. Pets
Vengeful PorcupetteSold by Speaker Gulan for 100x Bloody Coins
Harmonious PorcupetteSold by Mistweaver Ku for 7,500x Timeless Coins
Sky LanternSold by Ku-Mo for 7,500x Timeless Coins
Chi-Chi, Hatchling of Chi-JiSold by Master Li for 3x Celestial Coins
Zao, Calfling of NiuzaoSold by Master Li for 3x Celestial Coins
Xu-Fu, Cub of XuenSold by Master Li for 3x Celestial Coins
Yu'la, Broodling of Yu'lonSold by Master Li for 3x Celestial Coins
Jadefire SpiritDropped by Foreboding Flame
Jademist DancerDropped by Jademist Dancer
Ominous FlameDropped by Foreboding Flame
Ashleaf SpritelingDropped by Leafmender, a rare elite
Blackfuse BomblingDropped by Monstrous Spineclaw, a rare elite
Death Adder HatchlingDropped by Imperial Python, a rare elite
Gulp FrogletDropped by Bufo, a rare elite
Ruby DropletDropped by Garnia, a rare elite
Skunky AlementalDropped by Zhu-Gon the Sour, a rare elite
Swarmling of Gu'chiDropped by Gu'chi the Swarmbringer, a rare elite
Azure Crane ChickLooted from Crane Nests, which are objects you can find on the ground, around areas populated by cranes
BonkersLooted from Master Kukuru's chests
Dandelion FrolickerClick the Neverending Spritewood near 47.5, 73.5. This will turn the nearby Nice Sprites into Angry Sprites. Killing many of these Angry Sprites will spawn a Scary Sprite, which you can kill for the pet. Note that you can use the Neverending Spritewood only once per day and after someone has used it, you need to wait for it to respawn.
1.4.2. Mounts
Reins of the Thundering Onyx Cloud SerpentDropped by Huolon, a rare elite
Reins of the Ashhide Mushan BeastSold by Speaker Gulan for 500 Bloody Coins
Reins of the Heavenly Golden Cloud SerpentSold by Mistweaver Ku for 100,000 Timeless Coins
1.4.3. Gear
Mobs on the island have a chance to drop Timeless pieces of gear, such as Timeless Plate Spaulders. Using such an item creates a corresponding item level 496 piece of gear that your current spec can use. There are timeless items for every slot, excluding weapons.
In addition, Mistweaver Ai sells Timeless Cloth Armor Cache, Timeless Leather Armor Cache, Timeless Mail Armor Cache, and Timeless Plate Armor Cache for 7,500 Timeless Coins each.
All these timeless items are account-bound, which means that they are a great way to gear up an alt.
Burden of Eternity can be used on a timeless item. This will create a piece of gear with item level 535 (up from 496). Burden of Eternity can be obtained through the following ways:

Gear can also be bought with Timeless Coins from Mistweaver Ai and with Bloody Coins from Speaker Gulan.
Daylight ProtectorateShieldStrength/Parry10,000
Pandaren Peace OfferingOne-Hand MaceStrength/Mastery10,000
Cloudscorcher GreatstaffStaffIntellect20,000
Shield of the Eternal NoonShieldIntellect10,000
Contemplation of ShaohaoStaffAgility20,000
Hozen Can OpenerFist WeaponAgility10,000
Yak-Herder's LongstaffPolearmStrength20,000
Ordon Sacrificial DaggerDaggerIntellect10,000
Featherdraw LongbowBowAgility20,000
Scavenged Pandaren DaggerDaggerAgility50,000
Resolve of NiuzaoTrinketMastery/Dodge on use50,000
Alacrity of XuenTrinketStrength/Haste on hit50,000
Contemplation of Chi-JiTrinketIntellect/Spirit on use50,000
Yu'lon's BiteTrinketIntellect/Crit on hit50,000
Discipline of XuenTrinketAgility/Mastery on hit50,000
Time-Lost ArtifactTrinketMastery/Haste on hit7,500
Pouch of White AshTrinketPvP Power/Resilience on use20
1.4.4. Vanity and Miscellaneous Items
Many vendors around the Celestial Court sell various items that you may find interesting.
Battle Pet Bandage (x25)Pet BattleMaster Li1
Marked Flawless Battle-StonePet BattleMaster Li3
Pet TreatPet BattleMaster Li1
Magical Pet Biscuit (x25)Cosmetic (pet)Whizzig500
Big Pink Bow (x5)Cosmetic (pet)Whizzig500
"Dread Pirate" Costume (x5)Cosmetic (pet)Whizzig500
"Dapper Gentleman" Costume (x5)Cosmetic (pet)Whizzig500
"Little Princess" Costume (x5)Cosmetic (pet)Whizzig500
Flimsy Sky LanternCosmeticKu-Mo500
Mask of AngerCosmeticMistweaver Ku100
Mask of DoubtCosmeticMistweaver Ku100
Mask of FearCosmeticMistweaver Ku100
Mask of HatredCosmeticMistweaver Ku100
Mask of ViolenceCosmeticMistweaver Ku100
Celestial Defender's MedallionCosmeticMistweaver Ku2,500
Golden Glider (x5)Improved Slow FallKu-Mo2,500
In addition, vendors around the Celestial Court sell food, drinks, fireworks, etc.
Finally, there are dozens of vanity items that can be dropped by mobs around the island. Obtaining them all will grant you the Going To Need A Bigger Bag achievement. So, you can simply click the achievement link and browse the achievement's objectives on WowDB to have a complete list.
1.4.5. Food
The Noodle Secrets Long Forgotten cooking quest line starts on the Timeless Isle. Eventually, that quest line rewards you with the ability to create Noodle Cart Kit, Deluxe Noodle Cart Kit, and Pandaren Treasure Noodle Cart Kit, which give better raid food buffs than pandaren banquets.
When a player creates a noodle cart, it acts like a vehicle and exiting it causes the cart to disappear (it disappears anyway after a few minutes). Each player can hold a maximum of 5 noodle soups (which means that they can store some food for later use).
1.4.6. Achievements


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